Ottoboni (2010 - 2013):


I did strategy and created personas, user maps and the concept for the intranet.


I did strategy and information architecture for and its three subplatforms as well as an overview of the online services for different target groups.


I was an advisor to the global intranet manager and wrote the Skanska digital strategy together with her.


I did strategy for the website and services of och St1 is Sweden´s biggest automatic gas station company.

Norstedts Juridik

I was a strategist for the redesign of the online service Zeteo- used by around 48 out of 50 law firms in Sweden on a daily basis.

Valtech UX meet - Creative process competition

I was the designer and facilitator of the creative process that won first prize at the Valtech UX meet in April 2012. Creuna also won first prize.

Doberman (2010):


I did user testing and analysis for the start page of and the shopping basket user experience.

SF Anytime (cinema online)

I did user testing to understand the needs of the users when it came to the customer register experience.

Danske Bank

I did analysis and information architecture as well as copy for a savings service in the my page section.

DN/Magdalena Ribbing app

I was one of the facilitators for an initial workshop with Mrs Ribbing where we set the first priorities for her app from Dagens Nyheter (DN) in her name.

"I could not think of anything that could have been done in a better way: a positive team, a creative mindset, time-keeping was excellent. Bravo!" Magdalena Ribbing, Swedish leading "style and manner" lady

A prototype of the final version

Hyper Island (2009)


I was a strategist and project manager in a creative team at Hyper Island. The task was to redesign the brand identity of the Swedish Armed Forces. The client really liked our work and the solution was mentioned in social media design blogs.

"Kristina is a very analytical and sensitive process leader. She leads the group in a calm and structured way and create safety among group members. She has the gift to catch developments, reflect upon them and then act in the interest of the team in a careful and courageous way. Kristina is a true professional!" Eva Hamboldt, Organizational Development at Inferno Communications.

January 2010: I worked as a strategist and project/process manager for a rebranding process at the Swedish Armed Forces. The Hyper Island team who came up with the strategy, idea and design was Robbin Ingvarsson, Fredrik Holmberg, Anke Buchta, Simon Schlüter, Waldemar Wegelin and myself.

The old branding
SAF Logo
The new logo

We got rid of the sword that symbolizes attack. We kept the shape of the shield, it’s made by two hands that clasp together, a metaphor for conflict resolution. The shield could also be seen as the ladder for personal development. On top we have the three crowns combined into one.

SAF New Logo
Camouflage of diversity

Camouflage is used for disguising yourself in the nature. We turned this around and created a new camouflage that is all about showing yourself. It reflects the diversity within the organization. The mission of the Army is to attract new talent who think brain and empathy rather than muscles.

SAF Camouflage
The sub brands
SAF Sub Brands
Web, corporate & print
SAF Web, corporate & print

The new website has a user generated menu. It changes depending on what people look for. Based on our strategy it is a challenging, diverse and exciting entry in the online world. With a mouse over, pictures related to the words are highlighted. The design and the pattern are adapted from the new brand identity.

SAF Concept

Watch the video on our group process:

Nextwork (1998-2003)


I was a project manager for a learning journey around creativity and innovation to San Francisco/Silicon Valley with the management team of Swedbank. I also wrote speeches for the former CEO Birgitta Johansson Hedberg for the Forum Vårt Ekonomiska Läge.


I was a facilitator and project manager for a five months scenario project around the future of Croatia, named Croatia 2020.

Tällberg Forum

For five years I was one of the organisers of Tällberg workshop, later Tällberg Forum. I was one of the key note speakers as a young leader at a public event at the forum.