Managing director/Coompanion:

I am the Managing director of Coompanion Sweden since 2013. Coompanion is a company of 25 local independent offices and a national office in Stockholm, 120 employees in total and the turnover is 120 million SEK per year. My target is to make Coompanion work as one and to market and lobby around cooperatives, mostly co-worker-owned companies. We coach people and entrepreneurs all over Sweden to start companies based on cooperative values and way of working. We support sustainable businesses, focusing on the quality, well being and profit among the people involved. Social innovation is one of our main targets and you find our businesses in all kinds of industries.

Office Manager Freja foundation/Global utmaning:

Between 2003 and 2006 I was the office manager of the Freja foundation. We initiated the think tank Global Challenge and employed the former CEO Pernilla Baralt and I was supporting her and the founder Kristina Persson with fundraising and the financials.

Pop up CEO/Hyper Island

In 2010 I was the CEO of the digital agency pop up with 11 employees and around five clients such as Spendrups. My focus as CEO was to have the overall responsibility for clients and motivating the individuals and the three teams within the agency to achieve their goals, time planning and follow up, budgets and the weekly report to the board of the agency.

"Kristina Herngren is a positive and confident person. Kristina is dedicated and organised but at the same time sensitive and flexible and open for new ideas. She is genuinely interested in people, a true strength both in the creative process and when it comes to finding sustainable solutions. I wish her all the best!" Maria Klevemark, concept and info design at the digital design agency Söderhavet.
"Kristina Herngren shouldered the tasks of an agency CEO with engagement and high ambitions . She was on top on practical things like budgeting and time keeping as well as leading the group." Eva Holmström, former project manager, Hyper Island.